The Best Entry Level Gimbal Stabilizer? – Feiyutech A1000 Review

We have lost count of the number of people that we have seen saying that the entry-level, more budget-friendly gimbal stabilizers are a total waste of time and money. We have decided to publish our Feiyutech A1000 review in an attempt to dismiss this myth as, although it may have been true five to ten years back, the developments in gimbal motors and gyroscopes have totally changed the game.

The Feiyutech A1000 was one of the first gimbals in the entry level sub-niche to be released with these overhauls and was launched into a bunch of stigma from the community due to the performance of the entry level gimbals of other brands. Thankfully, the Feiyutech A1000 has managed to establish itself in the community and is proving to be a solid option and has earned its well deserved positive reputation within the community.

Over the years, its excellent performance and solid build quality have led to a number of people posting their own reviews of the A1000 online as well as people making YouTube videos based on it too. We have embedded the video below as we feel that any of our readers who are interested in picking the A1000 up will do well to watch it and its only short while providing tons of value.

Thankfully, Feiyutech looked at the higher price point gimbals on the market and looked at their key features that were making them so popular and then looked at how they could best implement these in their own gimbal range without having to sacrifice quality while keeping costs low. In all fairness to them, they totally smashed it out the park with their new range of gimbals being excellent in all fairness to them.

The built-in anti-shake technology is easily able to outperform the tech on some of the older generations of their competing gimbal competitors that are still priced much higher than the A1000. It offers some smooth image stabilization without putting undue stress on the motors in the A1000 meaning they are quiet when in use and don’t drain your battery life quickly.

If you are planning on using your Feiyutech A1000 then the auto-follow technology will be a great help. It has the ability to optimize the stabilization of the gimbal to focus your camera on a set subject. For example, if you are planning trailing someone down a mountain on a snowboarding trip, you can set the gimbal up to focus on your subject while you follow behind them. Although this may sound like a basic feature, you can definatley tell the difference when comparing two runs, one with it turned on and one without.

If you are trying to reduce costs on your initial business set up and want to work towards becoming a professional videographer then the A1000 can supply you with some solid image stabilization for the vast majority of entry-level cameras. In addition to this, its 3.75-pound payload weight will also help to future proof your gimbal when you choose to upgrade to a middle of the ranged mirrorless or DSLR camera too.