Can You Really Whiten Your Teeth Using Baking Soda?

After a recent trip to the local dentist, I decided to inquire about their teeth whitening services, unfortunately, they came in well out of my current price range so I ended up decided to take a look at what the natural and usually much cheaper options for whitening your teeth at home. After doing a bunch of research I decided that I wanted to try and using one of the various baking soda methods that I have seen mentioned online with many other people have tried them over the years with great results.

Thankfully, baking soda is very cheap and easy to come by so I stocked up, planned out the six week time period that I was going to try the treatment over and cracked on with my twice daily baking soda scrubbing. Around halfway through the test I noticed that the popular toothpaste brand Colgate had their own baking soda based teeth whitening formula that you can make at home so switched over to this to try it out.

Unfortunately, in my case even after the six-week course of using baking soda on my teeth there was little to no difference at all. This could be down to a large number of reasons in all fairness but I suspect that it is mainly down to me drinking so much tea. For those who don’t know tea is one of the main reasons that our teeth end up stained and although you can pay for the professional treatments to remove tea stains, as I mentioned earlier, they are simply out of my price range right now.

On the flipside of this, I have seen multiple reports from a large number of people all commenting on how they have successfully seen great results from their tests using baking soda to whiten their teeth. The video below is just one of many examples that I would highly recommend that you check out if you get the chance.

At the end of the day, if I was willing to give up drinking so much tea I think that this home treatment could perhaps have worked for me. On the flip side of this, I love my tea and rather just have stained teeth in all honesty.

How To Stabilize Your Best Gimbal During Mountain Biking!

Mountain biking is full of surges and bumps. Your go pro needs adequate stabilization and fixation in order to survive through the ride and hence it is very important that you make sure that your gimbal is protected throughout the course of your adventure and does not leave its place. A number of things need to be considered if you want good quality footage from your gimbal. The resolution is important, and so is the frame per second count however proper camera positioning is the most substantial factor which affects the footage output. There are a number of different ways in which you can mount your gimbal during a bike ride.

Mountain Bike Racer

The helmet way:

This is the easiest and most frequently used way of mounting your camera during biking. The image output remains super stable throughout the ride if it is mounted to the helmet of the rider. The quality of the footage turns out to be great. This is because the whole energy of the ride along with that of the bumps of the journey is absorbed completely by the body.

It all depends on the preferences of the rider whether they want to adhere the gimbal on the top of their helmets or choose to do it under the visor. It is optimum to ensure the best camera angle so that the footage is adequate.

On the chest:

The best part about attaching your gimbal on the chest harness is that the audience of the videos gets to see the footage in the same view as that of the rider. It seems like a real-life riding experience to everyone who views it.

Tightening of the chest strap is essential so that the camera does not budge or interrupt your riding experience. It ensures that the camera is super stable and the video does not end up being shaky.

Always tilt your camera slightly upwards. If you don’t do that, you will get a video that basically shows your legs and the road. What a shame it would be, with all that best equipment being of no use!

Mountain biking above Lake Leman

Upside down:

Another great option of positioning your camera and gimbal is by adhering it to your chest and setting it on an upside down mode. There is software available as well which allow you to rotate the video capturing settings on the camera. The audience gets to visualize things ipsilaterally with the rider’s view. You can also attach your camera and gimbal on your back. This allows you to take videos of the riding tracks you are following any of your friends coming behind you.

Mounted on a handlebar:

Another classic way to mount your camera is by attaching it to a handlebar along with a gimbal. The drawback of using this method is that the video quality is compromised and they end up becoming shaky. A good quality gimbal will potentially reduce this outcome.

The Ultimate Akaso Brave 4 Review!

As someone who skateboards in their spare time and love to record the trips to the skate parks I have had my fair share of action cameras over the last few years. Having previously used the Akaso EK7000 I recently decided to upgrade my action cam but due to the excellent performance that I have had from my EK7000, I decided to stick with Akaso but this time, pick up their current top of the range action camera, the Brave 4.

Nitrocity extreme sports Panama

When trying to research the current entry level action cameras available on the market right now, I did notice a distinct lack of information available so I decided to publish my own Akaso Brave 4 review to try and help anyone who finds themselves in this same situation. After deciding to upgrade my EK7000, I spent a fair amount of time researching the available action cameras on the market so I have a decent insight on what is popular right now.

The main thing that prevented me from picking up a rival brands action cam was either independent reviews commenting on how the cameras were flimsy and could break easily or third-party reviews commenting on how the cameras performance was poor. As the Akaso Brave 4 seemingly had nothing but glowing reviews I decided to take the plunge and pick it up.

The video above shows just how high quality the video footage is when recorded using a Akaso Brave 4. Not bad at all considering how cheap the camera is and as you can see, it is free from the colour problems that many other cameras on the market have at this price point.

Now, onto the actual functionality of the action cam. As you would expect for this type of camera, there are a large number of different mounts, attachments, and harnesses available for the Akaso Brave 4 that allow you to use it in pretty much any situation that you may find yourself in. A number of the more commonly used mounts at included with your purchase such as a helmet mount and a bike handle bar mount.

The waterproof case that comes with your Akaso Brave 4 is fully waterproof down to 100 feet but if you are into something like skateboarding, its main use it to increase the robustness of the camera while also allowing you to use it in even more mounts or attachments. The standard helmet mount is actually really good quality and I would expect to pay around $10 for it as a standalone item so its much better than expected for something free.

As the camera is 4K capable as well as able to support 1080p at 60 frame per second, you are able to record some very high-quality video footage of you out and about skateboarding or taking part in whatever your sport of choice is. If you are wanting to upload your videos on YouTube or share them on social media then the Akaso Brave 4 is a solid choice in all fairness to it and it will provide you with some excellent videos without having to break the bank and spend too much on your action cam.

Our Godox TT350S Review – Our Favourite Entry Level Camera For Sony Users!

Thankfully, over the last few years, a decent number of entry-level flash units have been released for the Sony camera range. This is a welcome addition to the camera accessory range for Sony cameras as it has taken a long period of time for third-party brands to start producing high-quality products for the Sony range. Now, in our opinion, out of all of these flash units that have been released over the last few years, the best, by far is definatley the Godox TT350S.

This is why we have decided to publish this little, mini Godox TT350S review to share our feelings on the camera flash unit. If you have heard of the Godox TT350S then chances are you are already fully aware of the excellent reputation that the camera flash holds amongst the community. This is due to its excellent performance and functionality as well as the solid build quality and very low price tag when compared to the flash models that competing brands have released.

Flash Photography
There are a large number of reports that have been published by a number of photographers who use this as their main camera flash and the vast majority of them are positive. A small number report being annoyed with the number of flash activations that you are able to get out of the flash unit per fully charged set of batteries.

In our opinion, this is due to no fault of the actual flash unit and is commonly down to user error. For example, using a low-quality set of batteries to power your Godox TT350S will perform worse than when you use a high-quality set of batteries. In addition to this, your camera settings, your recycle time, in particular, all come into how long your battery life will last.

Moving on, a very common problem that entry-level flash units have is that they tend to be prone to overheating.  Although a number of people have come up with some genius ways to prevent their flash units from overheating, the Godox TT350S has some excellent heat dispersion technology included as standard. Although this can be considered commonplace in flashes these days, back when the Godox TT350S was released, it was one of the first cheap camera flashes to have the dispersion technology.

flash photography
We have made the short list below that covers some of the key features of the Godox TT350S that we feel make it stand out against the competing flash units at its price point for Sony cameras:-

  • Fully integrated overheat protection
  • 22 stages of power output (1 / 1-1 / 128)
  • Approx. 0.1-2.2 s reuse time
  • 210 full power flashing (with 2500 ma Ni-MH batteries)
  • Full support for TTL / M / S1 / S2 modes
  • 24-105m auto / manual buzz
  • Fully customizable C.Fn settings

This makes it one of the best entry-level flash units for anyone who used a camera body from the Sony range. It can be used in a large number of flash photography situations and will do a great job of increasing your flash photography performance. If you like, you can also watch the YouTube video below where an independent photographer goes over some of the other key features of the flash unit.

Best Gimbal For Sony RX100!

For todays article, we are going to be taking a look at what we think is one of the best gimbals for Sony RX100 cameras available on the market right now. We have seen a number of other blogs covering this over the last few month but they always seem to go for the higher priced gimbal systems instead of focusing on something that is cheap, easy to use, and has the payload capacity for the RX100.

This is why we are recommending one of the lesser known gimbal stabilisers on the market right now that we feel is a total steal and massively under priced, the Feiyu G6. It boasts a maximum load capacity of 1.76 pounds and although that may not sound like much when you consider what some of the other gimbals out there are able to support, the you have remember that the Feiyu G6 is almost a fifth of their price!

It is also based around the exact same 3-axis gimbal system that so many videographers and vloggers are used to using so it should be very easy for you to pick up and use with your RX100. Feiyu are slowly expanding their presence in the entry level, budget friendly gimbal system space and they are steadily earning a solid reputation for themselves as well as their products.

That said, the image stabilisation that the Feiyu G6 provides easily beats that of the competing gimbals at this price point in the market without even braking a sweat. Feiyu may be new to the gimbal market but they have spent plenty of time and money in developing some of the best budget friendly gimbal technology out there.

The stabilising motors on the system are very smooth and quit allowing you to keep your Sony RX100 as stable as you require for whatever take you have at hand. The small size of the Feiyu G6 and its very low weight also make it an ideal handheld gimbal to take with you on your travels if you are doing any type of travel vlogging or travel based videography.

As this is an entry level gimbal system, its battery life is not the best but coming in at eight hours for this price tag is still a solid offering and cant be ignored. This should be plenty for the vast majority of people who use an RX100 as their go to camera of choice allowing you to get all the footage that you could ever need before running out of battery life and having to plug into a power point for a recharge.

3-Axis Stabilized Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Mobile Phones

The balancing system on the Feiyu G6 is also very easy to do, especially for a camera body that is as light weight as the RX100 making the process very easy to do even if you have never used any other gimbal previously. Another selling point for the Feiyu gimbal range is the amount of videos there are online from other people who own their gimbals sharing all the tricks and tips that they have picked up over the months of using the gimbal.

All in all, the G6 is a great little gimbal that will perform very well indeed for your Sony RX100 providing some excellent image stablization that leads to some very smooth and professional looking video footage without having to buy one of the higher price tag gimbals that offer no real performance improvements.

Is This The Best Substrate For Corn Snakes On The Market?!

Although Zoo Med’s Aspen Snake Bedding is a popular substrate within the community for many snake owners these days, we still see people reaching out and asking what the best substrate for corn snakes on the market is. Although there are a ton of different brands and substrate types out there these days, we are massive fans of Zoo Med as the brand as a whole has an excellent reputation but their Aspen Snake Bedding is perfect for your pet corn snake in our opinion.

It already has a pretty large market share of the corn snake owning community using it as their go-to substrate of choice and in all honesty, we think that it is only going to keep growing at a steady rate over the coming years. We know that the various cypress mulch substrates are also a popular choice and in our opinion, they come in with a close second and are well worth checking out to offer the best care possible for your corn snake.

Jasper Co. Corn Snake
The aspen bedding is almost totally dust free helping to minimize the chances of it accidentally triggering any respiratory problems in your snake and its lack of chemicals also ensure that your pet snake won’t end up having an allergic reaction to the substrate either. It is very easy to clean and maintain when required and also handles the humidity pretty well too.

After you initially open the packaging and base layer your snake’s habitat, the remaining substrate can easily be stored in the bag it comes in provided you seal it and ensure that it is kept dry. We have been unable to find any reports saying that mold developed on the substrate when it had been stored correctly further helping to make the substrate stand out against the competition.

Now, we have seen a number of people reaching out about what substrate they should be using for their pet corn snake just before they actually purchase their corn snake. We think that this is an excellent route to take as it can help prevent you from accidentally getting a bad substrate for your snake and will ensure that your snake has a nice environment to live in when you get it while also saving you cash in the long run.

If you are in this same situation and you havent actually purchase your snake yet then we would highly recommend that you watch the video below that goes over how best to set your vivarium up ready to receive a corn snake.

Just add in the Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding substrate as your base layer and follow the rest of the advice given in the video below and you will be fine. The result will be an excellent little vivarium that is perfect for your corn snake that it will be comfortable in for many years to come.

Akaso EK7000 Review – One Of The Cheapest Action Cams Worth Your Time?

Although there are a whole bunch of popular entry-level action cameras on the market these days, we decided to publish our Akaso EK7000 Review as we feel that it is a great camera and is well worth picking up if you are looking for a cheap action cam to record your sports. Although it already has a massive core customer base and an excellent reputation, if you ask for recommendations on action cameras, the general public will almost always just recommend that you pick up a GoPro.

We are hoping that this article helps to swap this and get people understanding that there really are some excellent alternatives to the GoPro brand that are much cheaper while still providing some excellent performance. Speaking of the performance of the Akaso EK7000 action camera, the video that we have embedded below was recorded using the camera and shows the kind of image quality that you can expect from it during use.

As you can see, considering its price point in the market, it offers some solid image quality and in out opinion at least, the audio track that it provides is one of, if not the best for its price tag.

Moving onto the actual feature list of the Akaso EK7000. When it comes to video footage, the most popular options are either 4K@25FPS and 1080P@60FPS depending on what you are doing. The 2.7K@30FPS and 720p@60FPS can be used if needed but in our opinion, the higher resolution options are better for general use while still having a nice balance with the battery life on the camera.

Speaking of battery life, Akaso managed to squeeze an additional 40 minutes out of the onboard battery that is included. This adds almost a third when compared to what the previous generations of cheap action cameras were able to provide you without having to worry about carrying a ton of spare batteries with you.

If you are planning to capture any photographs with your camera while you are out and about doing your extreme sports, you will be happy to know that the Akaso EK7000 comes with a 16MP camera sensor made by Sony that provides some excellent image quality. Another benefit of the Akaso EK7000 is that its low light performance for photographs is also excellent in all fairness to it helping it stand out from the competition.

If you have been following the Akaso brand for a while then you will probably be aware that they are trying to set themselves up as the go-to action camera brand of choice for cheap action cameras similar to how GoPro is considered the go to premier brand. To do this, Akaso have dedicated a solid percentage of their revenue to go into research and development to keep moving forward.

Animal Action Sports Tour

To date, the best developments out of their research and development programs are definitely the touchscreen technology and the built in electronic image stabilisation technology that the competing budget friendly action cameras are simply unable to touch. When compared to the other entry level action cameras on the market at the time of writing, the Akaso EK7000 really does stand head and shoulders above the rest making it the obvious, go to action camera of choice at this price range.

How to Shoot Professional Videos Using the Best Gimbal for Panasonic G7 Cameras!

Gimbals are effective if you want a professional outcome in terms of photography as well as videography. It will help you to work with your videos smoothly. Though gimbals are quite tricky in terms of its usage, you can still learn how to use it by following these tips to consider while using the best gimbal for Panasonic G7 cameras.

Improving your videos alongside with photos is like something that would satisfy yourself every time you feel that they’re not pretty smooth. Since they are two types of gimbal axis – the two-axis gimbals and the three axes, it’s up to you which axis would you prefer to use. Gimbals are known to deliver one-of-a-kind performance, especially with free motion. Generally speaking, gimbals are interesting and intriguing to use and they are used to expand the style of your filmmaking ability as well as the quality of your shots.

Gimbals Need To Be Balanced

The most important thing to do with your gimbal, as well as the first thing to do when you are about to shoot videos using your gimbal, is to balance it properly and correctly. If you are using smaller gimbals, then you are not required to balance it beforehand. However, if you are using larger ones, you will need to dial them in excellently to get perfect optimal results. To get your gimbal balanced correctly, you need to balance the following according to its order:

  • Front & Back Camera (rough)
  • Tilt Axis
  • Roll Axis
  • Font & Back Camera (fine)
  • Pan Axis

Gimbals Need To Be Carried Properly

Learning how to shoot professional videos using the best gimbal for Panasonic G7 cameras also requires the carrying styles of the gimbal. Since there are different ways to carry it out, its up to you which style you will be using – but make sure that you are comfortable with it.


This technique is the most important one if you are using a gimbal. You have to make sure with the movement you will be acting. There are few gimbals that do consists of thumb controls which allows you to control the camera every direction you face.

You Can Do Different Camera Movement

Since your new gimbal provides you a lot of benefits, you can also experiment with different movements as well as the shot types. You can experiment with the following:

    Dolly Shot

    Jib Shot

    Pass-Through Shot

    Lockdown Shot

Extra Person To Help You Out

If you want to work with your gimbal easier, you need the help of one extra person to control the camera. Because you only about to focus if the gimbal’s movement through space.

Final Few Words

Now that you already know how to shoot professional videos using the best gimbal for Panasonic G7 cameras, you need to be experimental and play with creative ways to use your gimbal. Practicing the use of it will help you improve other related aspects of using it.

Are You Looking to Buy the Best Gimbal for Canon G7X Cameras?

If you’re a video maker and you want your videos to look better and more professional, then a gimbal for your camera is going to be just the thing you need. This tool is the difference between pro video makers and amateur ones. It has different modes that will help you make qualitative videos while you’re on the move and it will bring a new improved theme into your videos.

However, it’s not easy finding the best gimbal for Canon G7X cameras. There are a lot of things you should consider before you choose which one you are going to buy. Here are some advices on how to be sure you’re buying the right one.

Opteka Gimbal Mount repair / lube

The capacity it holds

The first step to finding the best gimbal for your Canon g7X camera is checking its weight capacity. You need to make sure the gimbal you want to buy can carry the weight of your camera. Also, it’s important to take into consideration other lenses of the camera or other batteries, as some of them might have different sizes.

You will also need to make sure your camera’s dimension fits perfectly with the gimbal’s dimension, as this will help with balancing the gimbal easily.


Finding the best gimbal for Canon G7X cameras also means finding one that you can access easily. And some types of gimbals can be remotely controlled by apps on your phone. So, this is the best solution to the people that want easy and quick access to the gimbal of their cameras.

Types of gimbals

When talking about types of gimbals, we can separate them by their handles. Dual handle gimbal or single handle gimbal. The last one is cheaper however it is highly recommended you spend some extra cash and buy the dual handle gimbal. Not only does it film better and in a much smoother way, but it also adds flexibility while you are using it and it is also much more stable.

However, if you really can’t afford a dual kit then the single handle one works just as fine, however, it acquires a lot more work. The balancing of the camera will be harder, it won’t be as stable however if you have time and patience it will work just fine for you.


The microphone, the external monitors, the focus wheel, the mini tripod, the quick release plates, the mount gimbal extension bracket and also tools to access the gimbal wirelessly are all accessories you can add to your gimbal. There are types of these accessories that won’t affect the balance of the equipment. However, it’s highly recommended that before you buy the accessories, you first make sure your gimbal can carry the weight of the camera plus the weight of these extra tools.

Because of the multiple choices of accessories you can add, it’s highly recommended you buy a gimbal that has a larger capacity than your camera’s weight.