Our Vivitar DVR917HD Review!

If you have been involved in the extreme sports scene for a long period of time then chances are, you are already aware of the things that you should be looking for in any decent action camera that is worth your time. Unfortunately, the DVR917HD falls short of pretty much all of these making it a total nightmare to use in anything even close to real life situation. In all honesty, we could probably conclude our Vivitar dvr917hd review here and tell you to go with any other entry-level action camera and end up getting a better deal but we will try and go into a little bit more detail for anyone interested.

Although Vivitar has attempted to make a solid contender for the entry-level action camera market, they have simply underperformed with their offering while the competing brands in the niche have managed to absolutely blow it out of the water with their entry-level action cameras. This essentially leaves the DVR917HD as a useless action camera that does not really have a niche due to people choosing cameras like the Akaso EK7000 over it due to it as it outperforms the DVR917HD while also coming in at a cheaper price point.

Another thing that has turned the community off about the DVR917HD is the fact that it is meant to be an action camera but it is not very robust at all. It has that “cheap” feel to it that many entry-level products can have but you can clearly tell that Vivitar has not even tried to make the camera body robust at all. This could lead to the camera easily breaking if you bail on a jump or tip over while using it.

In our honest opinion, the DVR917HD should be avoided as should all other entry-level Vivitar action cameras. There are plenty of competing cameras on the market now from reputable brands that are cheaper than the DVR917HD while offering much better performance.