A Quick, Simple, And Streight To The Point Akaso V50 Review!



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Although extreme sports have been popular for many decades now, they have seen a massive increase in popularity since action cameras became popular as it lets people record what they get up to and then share it on social media sites like Facebook. This gets more eyeballs on the various sports that people are getting up to and increases popularity of them as people essentially want to do the same.

As so many people want to try their hands at these action sports without putting too much cash into it, some people choose to go with an entry-level, cheap action camera and that’s where the V50 comes in. We really do think that it is one of the best action cameras on the market right now even when you take into many of the middle price point cameras on the market.

Due to this, we have decided to publish our own dedicated Akaso V50 review after seeing a number of other people doing it too. We took a bunch of inspiration from this review as well as the YouTube video review below.

Being one of the latest action cameras to market, the V50 supports a bunch of different popular video resolutions that allow you to do a few different things. Its video formats range from 4K@60fps down to 720P@240FPS. This ensures that you can use your V50 in any situation that you may find yourself in while capturing the best footage possible.

The V50 is also able to capture high-quality photographs with a resolution of up to 20MP while also offering great low light performance as well as an adjustable view angle. This allows you to tweak how wide angle the camera is for its photographs allowing you to tweak its performance to whatever you need.

The voice control system on the V50 is also excellent and allows you to quickly and easily give the camera a large number of commands to get it to do what you need without having to touch it. If your sport of choice required use of your hands then this is ideal as a quick little phrase will get the camera to record or capture a photograph for you.

Another one of the V50’s strongest points is its image stabilization. At this price point in the market, even when you include the other, much more expensive point and shoot cameras it comes out on top beating them by far when it comes to its build in image stabilization capabilities. In our opinion, it is also smoother than what the majority of the middle price point action cameras is able to provide too.

One of the main problems with the entry level, cheaper action cameras on the market it that they often end up breaking after a few bumps. Thankfully, the Akaso V50 is one of the most robust cheap cameras going and can take a bunch of knocks without taking damage. This lets you have peace of mind that your camera won’t be breaking any time soon and will last for many years to come even when your action sport can result in it taking a ton of damage.